Presently in Development
Born and Created as a result of the present Pandemic in order to "RESCUE"
People Worldwide by giving them a Real Liveable Income PLUS!
Register for Updates, News and our
Progress Reports as we near to opening!

To get into the above BEFORE we open it to the public.

Join our COP Team rNetwork for FREE!


All Our FREE “FANN” Members in rNetwork will

be given access to “RESCUE” Before we open to the

public and be given an extra FREE account in “RESCUE”

from their sponsor in COP Team rNetwork.


IMPORTANT – My first 20 (Maybe more!) Free members

will also be Given FREE access to “RESCUE”

SO 20 Plus Lucky People will get TWO FREE Accounts



To get into COP Team rNetwork Join below…

Scroll down and look on the left for FREE “FANN”


George Holmes

"RESCUE" Detailed View :)
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